Lecture Halls, Seminar Rooms and Media Classrooms

Here is a list of all the lecture halls on campus. It contains information on location, whether they are wheelchair accessible and how to reach them.



Lecture HallBuilding NumberBuilding Name
HS RW 11226ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS RW 21226ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS RW 31226ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS RW 41226ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS RW 51226ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS RW 61226ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS I1121Old ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS II1121Old ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS III1121Old ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS IV1121Old ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS V1121Old ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS VI1121Old ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS VII1121Old ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS VIII1121Old ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS IX1121Old ReWi (Law & Economics)
HS SR C 012321Chemistry
HS SR C 022321Chemistry
HS SR C 032321Chemistry
HS SR C 042321Chemistry
HS SR C 052321Chemistry
HS N 11342Muschel
HS N 21342Muschel
HS N 31342Muschel
HS S 11533Sport
HS S 21533Sport
HS S 31533Sport
HS 71111Forum 1
HS 101111Forum 7
HS 131111Forum 7
HS 141111Forum 7
HS 151111Forum 7
HS 161111Forum 7
HS P 11141Philosophicum
HS P 21141Philosophicum
HS P 31141Philosophicum
HS P 41141Philosophicum
HS P 51141Philosophicum
HS P 61141Philosophicum
HS P 71141Philosophicum
HS P 101141Philosophicum
HS P 111141Philosophicum
HS P 121141Philosophicum
HS P 131141Philosophicum
HS P 151141Philosophicum
HS P 1011141Philosophicum
HS P 1021141Philosophicum
HS P 1031141Philosophicum
HS P 1041141Philosophicum
HS P 1051141Philosophicum
HS P 1061141Philosophicum
HS P 1071141Philosophicum
HS P 1081141Philosophicum
HS P 1091141Philosophicum
HS P 109 a1141Philosophicum
HS P 2001141Philosophicum
HS P 2011141Philosophicum
HS P 2021141Philosophicum
HS P 2031141Philosophicum
HS P 2041141Philosophicum
HS P 2051141Philosophicum
HS P 2061141Philosophicum
HS P 2071141Philosophicum
HS P 2081141Philosophicum
HS P 2101141Philosophicum
Audi Max1312Alte Mensa
HS 111312Alte Mensa
HS N 61341Faculty of Natural Science and ZDV
HS N 251341Faculty of Natural Science and ZDV
HS N 331341Faculty of Natural Science and ZDV
HS 181321Nat. u. Med. Building
HS 191321Nat. u. Med. Building
SR 111321Nat. u. Med. Building
SR 2151321Nat. u. Med. Building
HS 201231Old Chemistry Building
HS 211231Old Chemistry Building
HS SR I2411Pharmacy
HS SR II2411Pharmacy
HS 22gesperrtPhysikalische Chemie
HS 23gesperrtPhysikalische Chemie