Lecture Halls ReWi I (House of Law and Economics)

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RW 1:

The RW 1 is the largest lecture hall in the ReWi. You can access this lecture hall either using the ramp described in the building portrayal or the entrance beside the cafeteria area on the ground floor. It is furnished with rows of seats with foldable desks. There are several four legged desks at the back of the ground floor part which serve as wheelchair workspaces. While the RW 1 also has a gallery accessible from the first floor, there are no desks there.

RW 2 to 6:

RW 2 to RW 6 are all furnished with wheelchair accessible desks. They are fully accessible. RW 6 is currently located in the container building behind the “Altes ReWi” due to the renovation of the atrium.