Jakob–Welder–Weg 18
Building number 1141

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Campus Map

Enlarged image section of the campus map indicating the wheelchair accessible entrances to the building. Linked picture PDF is not accessible.


The Philosophicum is in the central part of campus. It hosts a lot of different faculties / institutes. If you follow this link, you will find floorplans of the building indicating which faculties can be found in which corridors.

Several ground level entrances lead into the building (indicated by arrows) but only the two circled are equipped with electronic door openers. The others can only be opened manually and are a bit difficult to move.


The main entrance can be reached via the stone ramp to the Georg-Forster-Building. You have to cross the front court parallel to the street, past the “Haus des Sehens” until you reach the front courtyard of the Philosophicum. The heavy front doors are not equipped with an electronic door opener but are often wide open especially in the summer.


East Side Entrance / Ramp

The passage connecting the Georg-Forster-Building and the Philosophicum is roofed over. This side entrance has a ramp (although it’s not roofed over) but no electric door opener, so they are hard to work from a wheelchair.

east ramp







West Side Entrance / Rampe

The western entrance is close to and easily reachable from the bus stop Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg. This entrance is equipped with a ramp and an electric door opener.

west ramp







Front Side Entrance / Philosophicum II

The front side entrance is easily accessible from Jakob-Welder-Weg. A ramp and a guidance system for the blind leads to the entrances of the Philosophicum I on the right and Philosophicum II on the left side. Both doors are equipped with electronic door openers.


The Philosophicum has 4 lift with which each level is accessible. You can find them here. The lifts have easily accessible panels with enlarged buttons and a voice output announcing the levels.

The lifts for the lecture halls on the side towards the Georg-Forster-Building are rather narrow but a foldable wheelchair fits inside. The lift on the opposite end of the corridor is wide enough for motorized wheelchairs.

The emergency telephone is too high and not easily reachable from a wheelchair.

Picture of open lift







Accessible Toilet

The accessible toilets are located in the restrooms (male and female) on the ground and first floor. They are equipped with foldable support handles with included toilet paper holders and a lot of maneuvering space within.








The departmental library is located on the ground floor in the middle of the building. The main entrance isn’t accessible for all wheelchairs (width). There for the library is equipped with separate entrance for wheelchairs on the right hand side of the main entrance. There is a doorbell with which you can make yourself noticed and an employee will let you inside.

Notice: The door leading to the accessible entrance open automatically to the outside. The light barrier is wide enough for every wheelchair.

Accessible Toilet in the Library

There is a further accessible toilet on the ground floor of the library. It is equipped with two foldable support handles with integrated flush button and toilet paper holders, a height adjustable washbasin and mirror as well as an emergency daybed.

Lift behind the library

With the lift behind the library you can access the office levels, the copy room and the different institute libraries. The door to the staircase opens automatically (as do most doors leading to the lift and libraries)

Maße des Fahrstuhls: Länge: 1,50 Meter – Breite: 1,20 Meter

The copy room on the second floor is equipped with a wheelchair accessible printer. The work places in the libraries are mostly accessible but the space between bookshelves might be too narrow. Please contact us should you need help accessing books.


The cafeteria is also accessible by wheelchair.