Alte Mensa /Old Mensa

Johann-Joachim-Becher–Weg 5
Building number 1312

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Campus Map

Enlarged image section of the campus map indicating the wheelchair accessible entrances to the building. Linked picture PDF is not accessible.


The Old Mensa is located in the eastern part of campus across from the Forum. The green arrows show the accessible entrances under the stairs.


The two entrances are level with the ground on the left and right side of the main entrance stairs. Neither door has an electronic door opener and difficult to open from a wheelchair.

Picture of one of the accessible doors at the base of the main stairsup close picture of the entrance

Stair Lift

Upon entering the building you face the wide stairs equipped with a stair lift. With it you can gain access to the first floor and its lecture halls (HS 11, Atrium Maximum, Audimax and linke Aula). A EURO-key is necessary to operate the lift.

Operating the Stair Lift

To activate the lift you need to turn the key in one of the two external control panels. One is located on the ground floor beside the eastern entrance, the other on the first floor beside the stair railing.

First you must lower the platform (when going up), as soon as the handles open you can extricate the key and access the platform. Now you need to insert your key in the lift’s keyhole to activate the remote control with which you can steer the lift. As the lift rests on the ground floor, you are asked to return the lift downstairs using the upstairs external control panel and when going downstairs you must first call the lift upstairs. As the lift travels at a sedate speed, this may take some time.

The lift is large enough for all foldable wheelchairs and smaller motorized wheelchairs.

Measurements: length 1.25 m, width 0.80 m

Picture of the stair lift at the foot of the stairs.Picture of a wheelchair user exiting the stair lift at the top of the stairs.

Accessible Toilet

The accessible toilet is on the ground floor, third door on the left side of the corridor leading to the rear of the building. A sign pointing the way is suspended from the ceiling. The toilet is equipped with two foldable support handles. There is a fixed support handle on the basin. Unfortunately none of the fixtures are adjustable in height and the mirror is too high to use from a wheelchair.

Picture of the entrance to the accessible toiletPicture inside the accessible toilet showing the appliances and available room.