Lecture Halls Philosophicum

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Enlarged image of the Philosphicum illustrating the different locations of the lecture halls throughout the building.











P 1:

When approaching the main part of the building P1 is located in the smaller building to the right hand side. The doors aren’t equipped with electronic door openers and quite hard to open from a wheelchair. The lecture hall itself has about 4 workspaces for wheelchair users.

P2 bis P5:

These four lecture halls are located in the front tract of the building. You can reach them either by using the corridor off the main tract past the cafeteria or using the entrance between this tract and Philosophicum II. Each lecture hall has at least one accessible workspace usable with a foldable wheelchair (motorized wheelchairs might be too wide). These workspaces can be accessed via the left doors to the lecture halls.

P6 bis P210

These lecture halls are located on the three floors of the main tract. The numbers indicate the level they are on. Each is accessible via lifts and their doors are wide enough for wheelchairs.

For the most part they are fully accessible even though no workplaces are explicitly for wheelchair users. Most are furnished with desks and chairs but some are furnished with fixed rows of seats and foldable tables. These don’t offer a space to write on for wheelchair users. A few of these are so small, that even though they are furnished with desks and chairs there is effectively no room for a wheelchair. Should you be effected by this please contact us so that we may change the lecture hall or find another applicable solution.