Application to Exam (Summary)

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Application (for hardship cases)

An application to study at the University Mainz is generally submitted online. Please use the following link (Online application) and follow the instructions.

Maybe you are eligible to apply with a hardship case due to a handicap or sickness. If so, here are three possible applications in hardship cases:

1) Application for immediate admission

Applicants with severe health, social or familial issues can apply for immediate admission, if even under the tightest scrutiny the applicant cannot be made to wait even a semester.

2) Application to raise the grade point average

You can apply for this if you can prove that due to special circumstances that are not your fault, you were unable to achieve your full academical potential in school.

3) Application to shorten the waiting period

You can apply for this if you were unable to attain your University license earlier due to special circumstances that are not your fault.

For a hardship application to be accepted, it has to be submitted with the online application. If you have questions regarding the process or eligibility please contact the Service Point INTERNATIONAL.

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On Campus Parking

The Campus is barred for general traffic. You can apply for a special permit if you have a handicap. If you are severely handicapped in your mobility, this permit is free. To find free parking options or different access modes please use the following link Access Modes and Parking

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Accessibility on Campus

The university Mainz endeavors to remove all barriers pertaining to students with mobility issues. While the newer Facilities are built with accessibility in mind, older facilities may not be fully accessible. For more information please visit our website under On Campus Orientation. There we provide a map of entrances and descriptions of the accessibility of buildings and lecture halls, as well as libraries and washroom facilities and where to find them.

Should one of your courses be held in an inaccessible lecture hall, please contact us or the Room manager of your faculty to try and switch rooms. This isn’t always easy so the sooner you make us aware of your difficulties the better!

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Technical Aids

Our service point has a variety of technical aids for visually impaired students to help them during lectures and exams. We also offer portable audio amplifiers. If you require one of our technical aids, please contact us and we will lend it to you after a short introduction on usage. For the full list of our technical aids please use the following link:

Should you require a technical aid that we don’t currently offer, please inform us and we will endeavor to attain the aid.

Of course we also have a wheelchair that can be borrowed on a daily basis and should you be in need for speed, we can pick you up at the end of one lecture and bring you to your next. Please make appointments for that.

Obligation to attend seminars (Anwesenheitspflicht)

Attendance at seminars is compulsory but in individual cases  an exemption for students with a handicap or chronic illness can be made. Please arrange an appointment with us if this concerns you and we can advise you on your possibilities.

Lending books from the library

Students with a disability may lend media for a maximum of 8 days. All you need is an ID card for the severely disabled or a written confirmation by us in conjunction with the library card.

In principle it is possible to lend out books from the reference collection for students with disabilities after conferring with a library employee.

For more information, especially on which media can never be lent out, please consult the Homepage of the university’s central library:

Exams (Application for Accommodations)

German Law mandates Universities to accommodate students with disabilities or chronic illnesses and to remove barriers wherever they may occur. (§2 Abs. 3 HochSchG – Hochschulgesetz des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz)

Accommodations compensate for disadvantages and may encompass all study load and exam conditions.

Accommodations may be granted for one exam, every exam during one semester or permanently for the duration of your studies.

An application for accommodations should be submitted as soon as possible but definitely before exams start. Please note the following instructions:

  • The student has to apply at the examination office (Prüfungsamt) or office for academic affairs (Studienbüro) depending on your faculty. Please use our "Antrag auf Nachteilsausgleich".
  • The letter should contain a description of how the disability / illness impairs your studies and gives you a disadvantage. A diagnosis is not necessary!
  • The application must contain a certification by a specialist doctor. Here too a diagnosis is irrelevant but it should contain a detailed description of the disadvantage.
  • The application letter and the certification by the doctor should contain measures to make up for the disadvantage previously described.
  • Following the decision by the examination board the examination office will send out an official notice.

One of the most common measures of accommodation is a prolongation of writing time. This time is granted to individual needs and should be proposed in the certification by the specialist doctor.