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Info Centers

Internal Info Centers by JGU

Company Medical Services (in German)

Healthy University for Students and Employees (both in German)

Center for Conflict-Management and Arbitration (in German)

Mental Health Services for students


Consultancy on Nursing Care (in German)

Tumor Center Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. (in German)

Accessible Communication with the Municiple Government (in German)

Center for a Self-Determined-Life of People with Disabilities e.V. (ZsL)

Hospitals and Doctors

Hospitals and Clinics

Search Engine for Hospitals throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Search engine for Wellness-Clinics and physical rehab facilities (in German)

Clinics in Mainz

Clinics in Wiesbaden

Clinics in Bad Kreuznach

Clinics in Worms

Clinics in Bingen

Clinics in Alzey

Clinics in Ingelheim

General and Special Practitioners

MED Specialist Medical Center Mainz (in German)

Medicum Specialist Medical Center Wiesbaden (in German)

Medical Organisations in Mainz / Rheinhessen / Rheinland-Pfalz (in German)

Search Engine for Doctors in Mainz, Alzey, Worms, Bingen and the Municipalities in Rheinhessen (in German)

Doctors in Rheinland-Pfalz (in German)

Search Engine Arzt-Atlas (in German)

Search Engine for Clinic Physicians in Mainz and Region (in German)

Gynaecology / Female Medical Care

Professional Association of Gynaecologists e.V. (in German)

Gynaecologists in Mainz (in German)


Joint-Center Rhein-Main (in German)

Alternative Medicine

German Association for Alternative Medicine DGAM (in German) - Umbrella Organization

German Association for Classical Homeopathy e.V. (in German)

German National Association of homeopathic Practitioners (DZVhÄ) (in German)