ReWi I – Law and Economics

Jakob-Welder-Weg 9
Building number 1226

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Campus Map

The ReWi I (Law & Economics) is located in the eastern part of campus next to the Forum.


The ReWi I has two main entrances. One on Jakob-Welder-Weg and one on Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg (indicated by the green arrows). Both entrances are double swing doors that are difficult to open from a wheelchair.


The Lift is beside RW1. Facing RW1 the lift is to the right side. The Lift is about 85 cm wide and accessible with a foldable wheelchair. The control panel is easily reachable and the buttons are also in braille.

Side note: Don't be surprised, the lift stops abruptly when reaching the designated level.


The front bottom part of RW1 is reachable by a ramp. The entrance to the ramp is between RW1 and the lift. The ramp is about 90 cm wide. The ramp itself is built of metal plates in a rather steep incline and is a bit slippery. The entrance door is hard to open and the area in front of the door doesn’t offer a lot of space to maneuver.

>>RW1 is accessible by wheelchair by using the main doors on the ground floor. There is enough room at the back for a wheelchair and wheelchair accessible tables.


Stair lift

At the center of the foyer there are stairs leading down. These are equipped with a stair lift. The control panels for the lift are located at the top and bottom of these stairs. The lift carries up to 255 kg and is large enough for foldable wheelchairs (measurements: 122 cm x 333 cm). A EURO-key is necessary to use the lift.

Note: The lift rests at the bottom of the stairs and has to be called up using the control panel. The lift is slow so this may take some time.

Accessible Toilet

The accessible toilet is on the ground floor. Entering from Jakob-Welder-Weg you can find it on the left side. To enter you need a EURO-key. The toilet is equipped with two support handles, of which the right side one is foldable. The flush button is beside the toilet and easily reachable. The basin, adjustable mirror, faucet, tissue and soap dispenser are accessible but the space in front of the toilet is scarce.


The library is furnished with a variety of workspaces on both levels, some of which are equipped with computers. Some of these workspaces are designed to be used while standing up and thus hard to access from a wheelchair, others are easily accessible by wheelchair.

Lift inside the library

The lift is located on the right hand side of the entrance turnstile. With it you can access the 1. Floor of the library. The lift has the same measurements and furnishings as the one in the foyer.

Accessible Toilet in the Library

Upon entering the library (through the main entrance) the accessible toilet is on the right hand side in a corridor between two study rooms. To enter you need a EURO-key. The toilet is rather compact. The area to maneuver in front of the toilet is just enough but not ideal. The toilet is equipped with foldable support handles for the toilet and a fixed support handle on the wash basin.








Copy and Scan Rooms

The library contains several side rooms equipped with copiers and printers. These can be used to copy or scan pages. The control panels are low enough to be accessible by wheelchair.


A large part of the foyer belongs to the cafeteria. It offers a daily variety of hot and cold meals, beverages and fruit. You can pay with cash or Studicard. The counters are wheelchair accessible.