Lecture Halls in the Faculty of Natural Science and ZDV

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HS  N 6, N 25, N 33, Media Classrooms and Seminar Rooms:

All lecture halls, media classrooms and seminar rooms are fully accessible.

N 6

This lecture hall is on the ground floor of the building. The fully accessible entrance is located in the foyer of the back entrance, upon entry to the right. Coming from the main entrance, go straight ahead through two glass doors and past N25. After the second glass door turn left. This lecture hall is not equipped with a workplace for wheelchair users.

N 25

N25 is on the ground floor. Upon entering through the main entrance keep straight ahead, through the glass door and along the corridor. The doors to this lecture hall are on the left hand side flanking a small staircase leading to N6. Theoretically this lecture hall has space for two wheelchairs (one through the left door and one through the right) but they are not equipped with a desk.

N 33

N33 is a media classroom. It is equipped with computer workplaces. All desks are fully accessible and the way past the rows of desks is wide enough for a wheelchair. You can reach this room by crossing the foyer diagonally to the left (upon entering the main entrance), go through the glass door and turn left into the corridor leading to the ZDV-Pool. It’s the first door on the right.

Media Classrooms of the ZDV

The media classrooms are all furnished with standard desks and fully accessible. The only downside is that the way to the printers is too narrow for wheelchairs. If you are effected, please contact us so that we may assist.

Room 1 and 2 are off the ZDV-Pool. Room 3 is in the same corridor as the ZDV-Hotline (from the main entrance straight ahead, through the glass door and directly right and then the first door left). Room 4 is across from N25 (from the main entrance straight ahead, through the glass door straight ahead on the right side).

Seminar Rooms:

The seminar rooms are spaced out over all the building’s floors. Their location can be viewed on the floorplans that hang on every level across from the lifts.