College for Music

Jakob–Welder–Weg 28
Building number 1175

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Campus Map

Enlarged image section of the campus map indicating the wheelchair accessible entrances to the building. Linked picture PDF is not accessible.


The college for music is located in the north-western part of campus. The wheelchair accessible entrance is indicated with a green arrow.


You can reach the accessible Entrance from Jakob-Welder-Weg. A ramp or bridge spans the distance between the parking lot and the entrance. A guidance system for the blind also leads to this entrance. The doors are equipped with electronic door openers.

Picture showing the bridged entrance and guidance system for the blindPicture showing the entrance and door opener

Every operating element in this building (door openers, lift panels) is equipped with braille lettering. The threshold is low and easily passed.

Tactile Flooor Plan

There’s a tactile floorplan in the foyer and on the second floor.

Picture of the tactile floor plan ground floorPicture of the tactile plan second floor


The lift is on the left side of the foyer. The voice-output announces the level you are on and the panels are easily accessible and have braille lettering.

Measurements: length 2.40 m – width 1.10 m

Picture of the closed lift doorsPicture of the lift's interior

Accessible Toilet

The accessible toilet can be accessed with a EURO-key. Signs point the way. It is equipped with two foldable support handles but they are sadly not equipped with flush buttons. You need to use the standard flush. The basin is adjustable in height and there is enough space to manoeuvre.


The library is on the second floor in the building’s far end. The door is rather heavy. The workplaces are for the most part fully accessible but the shelves might be too narrow. Please call us should you need assistance.

Picture of the entrance to the LibraryPicture of a workplace


Photocopier / Printer / Lockers

These can also be found on the second floor. The space in the copy room is rather small a foldable wheelchair can just fit through the door. There are lockers for everyone beside the copy room.

Picture of a copierPicture of the lockers