Central Mensa

Staudingerweg 15
Building number 2312

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Campus Map

Enlarged image section of the campus map indicating the wheelchair accessible entrances to the building. Linked picture PDF is not accessible.


The central Mensa is located in the eastern part of campus beside the Studierendenwerk.


The main entrance is on Staudingerweg beside which is the accessible entrance (green arrow). The accessible entrance is signposted and opens electronically with a EURO-key.

Attention: Door opens to the outside.

view of the accessible entrancedoor opener


The lift is outside the building beside the accessible entrance. It does not require a EURO-key. With it you can reach the cafeteria and shops on the first floor. The control panel is easy to reach and equipped with enlarged buttons and braille.

Measurements: length 1.40 m, width 1 m

Entrance First Floor / Ramp

Upon exiting the lift on the first floor you have to turn left and traverse the roof-top terrace to reach the electric entrance. The door panel is in front of the door and needs a EURO-key. After entering a ramp leads down to floor level.

First floor accessible entranceentrance ramp

Accessible Toilet

The accessible toilet is located right beside the accessible entrance on the ground floor, after entering the building left and left again. The door opens with a EURO-key, the lock is on the wall.

Entrance to the accessible toiletInside view of the accessible toilet.

Ground Floor Mensa

The Mensa on the ground floor has four different serving counters and a salad bar. A wheelchair accessible entrance was installed and opens with a EURO-key.

Accessible entry to the Mensa ground floorSeating in the Mensa

Mensaria on the First Floor

The Mensaria on the first floor offers a daily variety of meals. The serving counters are accessible but a little high.

Entrance to Mensariaserving areaSeating in the Mensaria