Kreuzbauten (Physics)

Duesbergweg 9
Building number 2412

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Campus Map

Enlarged image section of the campus map indicating the wheelchair accessible entrances to the building. Linked picture PDF is not accessible.


The Physics Building belongs to the building complex of the so called “Kreuzbauten” which are located on the western end of campus. The main entrance is on Staudingerweg (green arrow top right hand). The rear entrance is also accessible by wheelchair.


On Staudingerweg is a sign marking the way to the entrance. The doors to the building do not open electronically, only manually.

Picture of the signpost for the buildingPathway to the main entrance


After entering through the main entrance the lifts are on the right hand side. There are three of which two are small and one is a large freight lift. There is little room in the small lifts so we recommend using the large one even though the control panel is rather high. The emergency phone is easily reachable.

Measurements large lift: length 1.50 m – width 1.50 m

Measurements small lifts: length 1.50 m – width 0.90 m

corridor with the liftsInside the freight lift

Accessible Toilet

One fully accessible toilet is on the ground floor near the lifts. A sign shows the way. It can be opened with a EURO-key and the room is large enough to manoeuvre. It is equipped with support handles.

Door to the ground floor accessible toiletInside view of the accessible toilet showing the appliances and moving space

The second accessible toilet is on the fifth floor. When leaving the lift turn left and you will find it beside the large support pillar.

Door to the 5th floor accessible toiletInside view