Institute for Molecular Biology (IMB)

Ackermannweg 4
Building number 2432

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Campus Map

Enlarged image section of the campus map indicating the wheelchair accessible entrances to the building. Linked picture PDF is not accessible.


The IMB is located at the western end of campus. The entrance is accessible from Ackermannweg.


The entrance is fully accessible due to a stone ramp with a shallow incline and a guiding system for the blind leading from the sidewalk (Ackermannweg) to the building. Upon passing through the second door you can find the reception on the right side.

Sidewalk view of the rampView of the ramp facing the sidewalkPicture of the guiding system for the blindPicture of the entrance doors with the electronic panel

There is a tactile floor plan on the left of the atrium. To find it, turn left at the 1. t-crossing in the guiding system and follow it to the end. It will be directly on your right. The tactile floor plan only shows the public areas of the building. Do not be irritated, that there is semingly no outer wall, as there are labs indicated at the circumference of the public area, but not finished. The building itself is larger. The reception in the atrium is manned during normal opening hours who will be happy to assist.

tactile floorplanCloser view of the tactile floorplan


The lift is located behind the stairs in the foyer. It is wide enough for every wheelchair. The control panel is easily reached and the buttons are aligned horizontally.

View of the stairs and the liftCloseup of the liftCloseup of the call buttonInside view of the lift

Accessible Toilet

The accessible toilet is in the basement. The door is always open and not fitted out for a EURO-key. All the appliances inside are accessible, the lights are motion activated and the toilet is adjustable in height.

Picture of the basementEntrance to the accessible toiletInside view of the accessible toiletPicture of the fittings