Biochemistry and Genetics

Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 32
Building number 1272

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Campus Map

Enlarged image section of the campus map indicating the wheelchair accessible entrances to the building. Linked picture PDF is not accessible.


These faculties are located in the western part of campus. The accessible entrance is on Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg.


A wooden signpost indicates the entrance from the road (Becher Weg). A paved way leads from the road to the entrance. It is equipped with a ramp and electronic door openers.

Wooden sign indicating the entrancepicture of the ramp leading to the entrance


The ramp’s incline is slight, thus easily traversed by wheelchair. You can already spot it from the wooden signpost.

Measurements: length 7 m, width 1.10 m


The lift is on the right side of the entrance with stairs leading around it. Every floor is accessible with the lift. The control panel is easily reachable from a wheelchair.

Measurements: length 2 m, width 1.10 m

Picture of the lift

Accessible Toilet

There is no wheelchair accessible toilet in this building. The nearest one is in the Mensa.