BKM – Building

Kantstraße 2
Building number 9125

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Campus Map

Enlarged image section of the campus map indicating the wheelchair accessible entrances to the building. Linked picture PDF is not accessible.


The BKM building is off campus on the other side of the Saarstraße. You can reach it via the bus stop “Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg” going outwards.


The way to the entrance is rather narrow. On either side are flagstones with holes for rainwater that makes driving along them with a wheelchair difficult.

Picture of the way to the entrancePhoto showing a wheelchair user on the path illustrating its width

For wheelchair users the entrance is accessible via stair lift. The control panels are beside the lift and you need a code to activate the lift. We can provide you with the lift code.

Photo showing a wheelchair user accessing the stair liftphoto of the stair lift panel

To reach the seminar rooms you first have to pass a heavy metal door. The seminar rooms are on the right side of the foyer.

Picture of the metal doorPicture of the foyerPicture of the seminary room entrancesInside view of a seminary room


The building has a goods lift. It is located left of the building and can only be accessed on the ground floor from the outside. This lift is only to be used when all other options fail and is used at one’s own risk.

View of ramp with lift

Accessible Toilet

The accessible toilet is on the ground floor. It is rather small and only accessible for foldable wheelchairs. The wash basin and appliances are not adjustable in height, only the mirror.