Anselm-Franz-von-Bentzel-Weg 7
Building number 1050

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Campus Map

Enlarged image section of the campus map indicating the wheelchair accessible entrances to the building. Linked picture PDF is not accessible.

The anthropology building is situated in the eastern part of campus between the botanical gardens and the sport institute.


The Entrance to the anthropological Institute is situated on the eastern end of the campus. You can reach it using a walkway off Anselm-Franz-von-Benzel-Weg. A guidance system for the blind leads the way into the building. The doors open automatically.

photo of the entrance with tactile guidance system

Taktile Floorplan

A tactile floorplan is right inside the doors on the right.

Photo of the tactile floorplan


The lift is on the left side of the foyer. The control panel is easily reachable from a wheelchair and the buttons have tactile lettering. Additionally the lift announces the levels.

Picture of the open lift

Accessible Toilet

The accessible toilet is on the lower floor, right beside the lift. It cannot be opened with a EURO-key, only with a chip card.



As with the accessible toilet, a lot of rooms in the anthropology building can only be opened with a chip card. These are obtainable at the institute.

Picture of a chip lock door

Tactile Handrails

The stairs' handrail is equipped with tactile lettering on every floor indicating the direction. This lettering is on the underside of the handrail.

Picture of the tactile lettering on the hand rails